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I’ve been resting for awhile, trying to knit my body back together after Monday. My right arm is pretty sore – I must have hit that tennis ball like a thousand times during our handball marathon. Seriously, whose idea was it to go to 7 games? I must have forgotten to protest at the time. But you know what I didn’t protest? Bryan’s suggestion of “Let’s play Marvel vs. Capcom 2!” Aw man…he really had no idea.

Speaking of hustling, I need to get around to watching Poolhall Junkies sometime. Just because of Christopher Walken and so forth. The chap seems to be in an awful lot of movies as of late. Just off the top of my head, we got The Rundown and Envy – both of which look hilarious. Envy comes out August 15 by the way – we’ll have to catch that one. Lines like this? “Good for you man. Good for you, good for you.” …so good.

But on the other hand…we got Christopher Walken in Gigli. And while I’m going to refrain judgment on it since I haven’t seen it (nor can I admit to having any particular interest in doing so) – going right to the top (bottom?) of IMDb’s bottom 100 movies list doesn’t strike me as an attribute of a movie I want to see. Being named worse movie in history by 2000 voters within a week of its release? Not cool.

But I’m looking at the list, and to my knowledge, there seems to be two mistakes. The first is Batman & Robin being only 96th on the list. No. No, no, NO! I still wake up screaming and covered in cold sweat sometimes – even six years after watching that “movie.” Second, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie making 44th? That’s retarded. That movie was gold. I mean…”You ooze you lose?” That is top quality one-liner goodness. It even had ninjas and everything.

Though the one odd thing about the movie was the wacky henchmen. The bird people. There’s nothing particularly challenging or scary about the prospect of fighting bird goons. Wolves, tigers, rhinos, warthogs, whatever – even monkeys – would be better than birds. Then I got to thinking, and I was going to type up this article regarding my thoughts on facing off against different members of the animal kingdom. But then I did some surfing, and I found someone else’s thoughts on the subject, and I admit I have to agree with most of his “breakdowns” – especially with the goat. And if someone offered me a chance to dance with a shark – hell, I’d take that mother on, just so I wouldn’t be the guy who turned down a chance to engage in mortal combat with a shark. You would go for the eyes, by the way. And a nice touch I appreciated was the use of Street Fighter 2 life bars to gauge the performance against certain animals.

And thus, with the mention of Street Fighter 2 – we come full circle, and once again visit the item of me hustling Bryan in MvC2. This my friends, is what we like to call an infinite combo. Something I’ve yet to really pull off in-game – thus putting me in the lower tiers of MvC2 players relative on a global scale. But obviously…compared to you losers, I’m still good enough to do some good old fashioned hustlin’. And against cherished childhood friends, no less. Ya just gots ta loves it!



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