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Here’s a nifty German site I found with some neato pictures of concept cell phones. It’s pretty spiffy, but I’m a little iffy on the whole movement towards video phones. I really don’t want to see or be seen by the person I’m calling. I mean, that way I won’t be able to talk on the phone and be naked at the same time. And frankly, that is one liberty I will not give up. Ever.

And I was also a bit disappointed in how none of these concept phones have stun gun technology. What’s up with that? And that stun gun sucks too. You can’t even use it as a cell phone. Though I guess that’s for the best…I don’t really want to press the wrong button and discharge 180,000 volts into the side of my face while I’m calling for a ride. But the thing I really don’t get is this silent alarm dealie. I mean…it’s silent. What does it matter if it’s 130 decibels? I can’t hear it. You can’t hear it. All the dogs within a 50 mile radius probably could, but I unless I’m about to be raped by a giant cat, I really don’t care.

All this concept stuff is baloney. They should actually go and find out what I want in my phone instead of telling me what I want. I don’t want any video calls. I want taser capability. And laser capability. And time travel. Dammit, I want to live!

Oh, and since I can’t think of a way to relate this link to anything cell phone related, I’ll just give up and post it. It’s pretty straight forward. $123 for a bag of air. Booyah! Watch out for that violent wind.



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