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From The Newly Opened Bureau Of Meaningless Observations and Discussions (The B.M.O.D.)

This is just a quickie, because William’s anal retentive behaviour has made me realize just how ridiculous the world is.

You know those Sprite commercials about how drinking Sprite won’t make you a better athlete, but you should drink it anyway cause it tastes good? I like those commercials. However, upon further review, I became slightly bothered by the one with the BMX rider.

You know the one. He’s on a dirt track, jumping around, doing tricks and making all the kids go wild. Then he does a cool move where he flips in the air or something while throwing his empty Sprite bottle into a receptacle (recycling, natch). Then he gets hit by a bird while attempting his last trick and falls to the ground. Cue the Sprite logo and the slogan, “Image is nothing, taste is everything.” They’re like, “Yo, Sprite is keeping it real! We know our drink won’t make you a better biker, check this fool here who’s now lying on his ass even though he drinks our drink! It’s ironic, ya dig? Drink Sprite cause it’s good!” and so on and so forth.

All I have to say is this: He got hit by a bird.

Not only did the Sprite have nothing to do with his performance, but he didn’t fall for any lack of skill either. This man was tearing it up until God decided to smite this poor guy because of his false idolhood. Or something. This commercial has nothing to do with image, or thirst…

Muthafucka got hit by a bird, I mean, come on, man.



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