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The Big Hit #?

I dunno I’ve lost count. This shouldn’t really count as a big hit because in reality, it isn’t very big. I’m making a hat right now for school. That’s right, a frickin’ hat. I’ve designed a basketball themed hat. The ball will go over my head and then I’ve got a backboard and rim sticking out of my head. It’s kinda cool, but I don’t really know why I’m doing this for graphic design.

Anyways while I’m on the theme of basketball, has anyone been looking to buy me a present recently? Of course you have and this would be the perfect gift to give me. What’s the next best thing to having a full sized Ray Allen in your bedroom? A full-sized Ray Allen replica made completely out of lego of course!

I’m out playas!

cue R-Kelly’s “I Wish”

This is to all my dead homies! I was rollin’ down the hood when I thought I’d stop by and pour out a little louie for my niggas.



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