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Got Some Teeth – Obie Trice

I was watching Entertainment Tonight and they were talking about this new book by some guy that helps teenagers lose weight. Then they showed clips of Dr. Phil (hate that guy), who is having a whole week of his show dedicated to helping stupid overweight kids get healthy. A couple of highlights included:

*One girl said that she often sneaks food past her parents. Well, geez, I’m glad that they’ve decided to hire some experts to figure out what the problem is.

*Another girl was 300 lb. That’s not too abnormal when we’re talking about overweight people, right? The catch: She’s 6’6′! Holy she-ite! That’s a once in a lifetime body-type right there. Shouldn’t we be telling her not to lose weight? I mean, isn’t there money to be made in this? If she lost like, 20 or 30 lbs. she could make a killing on the pro-wrestling circuit. Or she could become a circus freak! The art of the circus freak is dead, but she could single-handedly bring it back! Come on, I know I’m not alone in wanting this. A great man once said, “Who wants to go home, and WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME!”

Where was I? Oh yeah. As much as I think it’s great that there are people out there trying to help these chunks (read: make money by writing trendy weight-loss books), I think the solution is a lot simpler than these “experts” would have you think. Here’s my advice:


Thank you.



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