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Got to thinkin’ again (despite being aware of how dangerous that is), and I got to thinkin’ about economy of movement. Or what laymen know as “laziness.” And I started thinkin’ about which corners of my life I could start cutting. So I started from the top – waking up. Couldn’t really think of anything there, so I had to move on. Next stop – brushing my teeth and stuff. And so I realized that I waste a whole lot of time picking up my toothbrush and putting it down. And the same with the razor when I shave. So…what if I only needed one instrument to do both? Then, I wouldn’t need to pick up and put down twice – I would only need to do it once! I mean…that’s a whole 0.7 seconds of my life reclaimed, right there.

Ah yes – “But what sort of tool would this be!?!” Lady and gentlemen, I propose an invention. A toothbrush…with a razor at the end of it! …or a razor that ends in a toothbrush. Doesn’t really matter. And for kicks, we can attach a comb to it and BAM – another 0.7 seconds saved!

My friends – BEHOLD!!!

Pretty sweet, eh? And aside from the danger of slitting your own throat while you brush, it’s relatively safe. Which as for as I’m concerned, is a welcome success for a change. Now, the second thing on the list would be to develop a substance that’s both toothpaste and shaving cream. But I’m not that big a fan of shaving cream, so it might take awhile before I’m motivated to do that. And hey – don’t steal my ideas you bastards.



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