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I’m Back! I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back! I’m Back I’m Back Again! I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back!


I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

As you’ve probably heard, I got the internet back on Monday. Sure, the internet at UofT was fine, but I didn’t have my bookmarks and I could never get into a rhythm down there. I was just visiting ESPN and Sportsline and…that was it. Now I’m BACK!!! Also, the last couple of days have been kick ass!

Here’s an exchange I had in my psych class (regarding child abuse):

Me: Hey, whenever my kid is acting up I’m never afraid to give him a little smack!

Safina: (taking me a little too seriously) You have a kid?

Me: (laughs) No, no.

Safina: (laughs) Oh, good.

Me: Well, none that I know of anyway if you know what I’m sayin’.

Damn, I’m good.

Yesterday started with me getting a one week extension on a film project that was originally due next Tuesday and which, in vintage Alex Lee fashion, I hadn’t even started.

Then, I went to go see the world famous broadway musical, Mamma Mia! (aka a two hour long live ABBA music video) and let me tell you it changed my life. I went with my boy Julius, a couple, Vince (22year old[!], cool, quiet guy) and Helen (cute, but annoyingly self-obsessed), this girl named Mareeka (hot) and her roommate, Jessica (meh). The show itself was mind blowing. The lead girl was this cartoonishly cute and (ahem) voluptuous blonde girl. She was a little big boned-ed, but as you all know I like a healthy girl and her heaving bosom was mesmerising. Her voice was sexy as hell too. The three male leads ranged from terrible to good, with the pimp daddy being this guitar playing guy with a (faux?) British accent. This guy could sing. The main male lead could not. Everytime he had to hit the high ones, his face contorted so that it looked like he was being tortured in the fires of Hades. Just disturbing. Then there was the token Asian guy playing a horny and obviously over-excited kid named Pepper. No straight man could move like that, God bless im’. The scene that made it for me? The mother singing Slipping Through My Fingers followed by a heartwrenching rendition of The Winner Takes It All. Let’s just say it got a little dusty in the theatre. Overall an amazing night capped off by…

…me sleeping over at Natasha’s residence. Yep, I made the big step of sleeping over at someone’s place who I’ve only known for about 6 months and within in that six months we’ve spent a total of, I don’t know, a day and a half together. But she offered to let me stay (after I pulled the ol’ “…and after the play’s over, I don’t know where I’m going to go!” routine) and I can never deny a lady’s request. Before you guys get all presumptuous, I am definitely not interested in her in that way, even though it’s an issue I’ve been flip-flopping over for the last few months. But for the last few weeks she’s been trying to tell me how much she cares about me and how she thinks I’m a great friend (yeah, I know it sounds like I’m getting dissed but grow up people) and I’ve been…hesitant to accept that. Not the issue of only being her friend, but the fact that she considers me such a good friend. I mean, I’ve known this girl for such a brief time and I’m supposed to believe she cares about me that much? I’ve known some people for years and I know for a fact that they don’t give a shit about me! Eventually, I had to cut the crap and just deal with the fact that maybe…just maybe this person actually likes me. She’s a perfect friend and justifies two things:

1) The (what I once thought was insane) idea that you meet your lifelong friends in University. She’s totally worth that sort of commitment.

2) My “decision” not to go to Queen’s.

Don’t get me wrong, there are nights, many nights, where I wonder how things would have been if Gary, Brian, myself and the rest had been able to go on this crazy 1st year adventure together…but I’ve been working all year to get over that and people like Natasha have been a huge help. Yesterday night, I tell her that I want her to meet William, which makes her happy, because I’d made this big deal about not wanting my friends to mix with each other. She asks me, “I thought you didn’t want your worlds colliding?” (as I had so eloquently put it weeks ago). I look her in the eyes and tell her, “I’ll get used to it.” “You’re so cute”, she says incredulously, and she just keeps on smiling and staring at me like, “Will I ever figure you out, Alex Lee?” How can I not love this girl?

Best (worst?) of all, I opened up to her (ack!). Will, if you’re reading you can skip this part because I already told you about this. Anyway, I felt I had to give her something because she was letting me stay over and because she’d been so straight about our relationship and you know how I hate mixed signals. So here’s a paraphrasing of what I told her:

Natasha, when I’m around you I’m a complete jackass 80% of the time and, as you put it, “sweet, sensitive and cute” 20% of the time. (now remember, she doesn’t see me that much so this means she’s only seen the “sweet” side for a total of like, 10 minutes.) The jackass side of me is the one that’s always making jokes at your expense and generally being a cold, emotionless jerk. (at this point she interjects,

pointing out the time I let her borrow my coat, the time I wrote her a letter and the copy of U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind CD that bought her because I felt crummy about missing her birthday party). Yeah, that’s the nice side. You see so little of it and…I guess I’m grateful that you seem to believe that the sweet side is the real side. A long time ago, I think I was a pretty nice guy. I was young and optimistic, but over the years you’ve got to protect yourself and you put up (as she calls it) “walls”. You have to keep reminding yourself that deep down you’re actually still that sweet, sensitive guy but after so long acting hard and cold and all that bullshit, you wonder which side of you is the real one. What I’m trying to say is, I greatly appreciate you believing that the sweet, sensitive and cute side is the real one because if you can believe that, maybe there’s some hope for me after all. END. Corny, I know, but fuck me if that’s not a shared moment.

Some other notes:

– I slept on the floor in case you were wondering, ya shower of perverts!

– Her roommate, Tess, is so fine and she’s finally starting to warm up to me. I would have never felt comfortable visiting so often if she didn’t like me. It would just be like, “So…you’re Natasha’s roommate. How’s that goin’ for ya?” She’s super cool.

– I woke up the next morning, walked to a Second Cup and had a muffin and some milk. I felt just like a resident!

I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch of stuff, but I’ve got to go watch all the crap I recorded over the last couple of days.

SNL Post Of The Post

Some Will Forte Skit That’s Kind Of Like Bad Doctor – Whoa, I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as good, but it has that same slapped together feel. Just give it a try. Will Forte is the next Will Ferrell, remember where you heard it first.

And More Rick James Stuff – My Christmas shopping is done.

And one more thing…Ben Affleck’s SNL episode kicked all ass!!! (except maybe the Justin Timberlake episode)




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