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There’s Never A Week Better Than This…When You’ve Only Got A Hundred Years To Liiiiiiiiive… OR Kill Me Before I Become 30 OR Yet Another Post About My Three Lady Friends


Cyanide Breath Mint – Beck

It’s that time again folks, where there is so much work to be done that you can’t help but throw it all aside and update your blog instead! It’s amazing how much you want to express yourself when you know you have more important things to do. Aaahhh, refreshing.

If you know this week’s song (ignore the title of the post), then you know exactly how I’m feeling right now. Blllaaaaarrrrrhhh…

To address some of Will’s thoughts:

– The letter theory is a sound one, but I will always take Ken over Ryu. And how you gonna play Zangief like that? He’s a finesse character.

– Didn’t you see The Passion Of The Christ? The Jews control all the rulers so don’t ask any questions.

– I don’t know if they should bring back Elevator Action as a first person shooter, but they definitely gotta bring it back with some amped graphics. It would probably be the greatest Gameboy Advance game ever.

Despite my sentiments above, it’s actually been a really good week. I found out my friend, Angel was a bisexual.


I guess I’m desensitized to that sort of stuff and it was funny because we were sitting in the caf and I was getting her opinion on any fine honeys that happened to walk by. It reminds me of the times that Max and I used to go babe-watching through the halls of Markham District. You know, before he became addicted to gay porn and stuff.

But yeah, now I know exactly where I stand with my girls:

Michelle – Has been dating a guy for the last five years. The metaphorical switch in my head is on “off”. It’s that easy.

Natasha – We’re really just friends and I’m disturbingly okay with that.

Angel – She’s a bisexual. I do NOT get down like that, so there’s definitely nothing going on here beyond friendship.

Three girls. No mixed signals. Good times. I walked Angel back to her res on Friday (it’s like, 15 or 20 minutes off-campus!) and then we went up to her room. Her roommate, Megan, was a bit of a weirdo but I guess that’s okay. I won’t be around there often anyway. They both had guitars so, of course, I had to break out my stuff. After perusing Guitar Tab Universe (yeah Gary, I’m still using that site) for a while (no, I couldn’t actually remember any songs) I decided to go with that ol’ standby, Heart Of The Matter by Don Henley. Gets em’ every time. It was definitely NOT my best work (kept forgetting the words for some reason), but she was sufficiently impressed. I’m the man.

I’m full of questions regarding this next unrelated topic: What is the deal with Julia Stiles? Why does this woman keep getting work? Why do girls seem to like her so much? Is she the next Julia Roberts? Doesn’t Bring It On absolutely destroy Save The Last Dance? If I ever met her, would I be able to resist kicking her in the face?

Man, I hate Julia Stiles.

SNL Post Of The Post:

Finally, A Transcript From The Ben Affleck Episode! – This was fairly long for a pre-monologue sketch but it’s hilarious. With his kick ass appearance and the (hopefully) excellent Jersey Girl coming up, I’ve only got one thing to say about Mr. Affleck: Don’t call it a comeback!

On my way out, I’d just like to relay this bit of MSN dialogue that I had with the Ice Queen the other day:

Ice Queen: How can you like Mischa Barton? She can’t act!

Me: Damn, you’re jealous! Don’t hate her cause’ she’s beautiful!

Ice Queen: (Blah, blah, blah…just think of Charlie Brown’s teacher and you’ll get the idea)

Me: Let me tell you something. If I was hanging out with you and she walked by and I had to choose between sticking with you or going with her…well, I’d go with her. But I’d feel bad about it later.

I’m such a charmer.



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