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The Big Hit#11

What’s this…TWO posts in one day??? I normally don’t even make 2 posts in one month! Well this is a post is actually something I’ve meant to for a while now. I had a bunch of links I stored in my favorites section in IE, but most of them are dead now. So without further ado, here’s what’s left of em’.

1) Terminator 3 : Soundboard Ahh yes, these are mucho fun. “John Conner? It is time.”

2) Cheesey Power Ranger Ripoff Z=normal attack, X=special attack, C=switch ranger, and arrow keys to move. It’s actually a pretty sweet game. Combos and boss fights and all.

3) Make a Mr.Men/Women Remember those old school books featuring Mr.Men and Ms.Women? You can now make your own horrific creations!

4) Matrix Explained This guy has WAY too much time on his hand.

5) Old Glory Robot Insurance Don’t know if this has been posted before but my god this is a good one! This is a skit-commercial from a 1995 SNL. “Robots eat old people’s medicine for fuel” “Person’s denying the existence of robots, maybe robots themselves”.

6) Sonic The Hedgehog Now THIS game is pretty sweet. It is a flash version of Sonic and by god it is done well. It’s like you are actually playing on the genesis! Oh the wonders of flash…

7) Weird Inventions I particularily like the “wedge-proof underwear”.

8) Robot Animals! Why was this contest devised? Why lord why?? I will admit though, some of this photoshop work is really nice. I particularily like the fly with the minigun and the ladybug.

Whew, 2 posts in a day. Well, I’m done for the month. See ya next year!

*Dave punches through a board* AHHHHH!!!!!! Get away from Oprah!



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