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…what the heck? Check this out. A recent unveiling at a cellphone exhibition includes a cellphone add-on that works as a…contraceptive?

Bizzare. It uses ultrasound to destroy sperm cells, and it’s apparently pretty potent and specific just to the sperm – no permanent damage to speak of to rest of the plumbing. But I mean…should cellphones really have this much power? Makes me uncomfortable. Though I wouldn’t completely rule out the notion of buying one – I think’d it’d be hilarious to walk around destroying other people’s sperm. I’m just terrified there’s other people like me out there who are thinking the same thing. But imagine the comedic possibilities. You’re sitting down with friends for bubble tea or whatever the hell people do these days, you have a good laugh, you pay the bill, stand up to leave, and then you whip out the line…”Hey, by the way – your sperm? Dey have been termahnated. AH HA HA HA HA DAICHO PUYI!!!



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