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Some more cartoon nostalgia – this time it’s My Little Pony. Now, honestly speaking here – I didn’t even know when this show was on. So I didn’t even have the chance to renounce my manhood…which I most certainly would have effectively done, if I had indeed watched My Little Pony at that age and admitted it. Even under torture. However – once again – I didn’t have the chance. Whether or not I would have done so is another matter entirely.

But apparently…it was a pretty cool show. So come on – who watched this as a kid? Fess up. No one will laugh at you and call you a dickless piece of trash.

You know what I did watch, though? Captain Planet. Though it didn’t really make a lot of sense. You already had rings that shot fire, control earth and water, make hurricanes, and…uh…talk to animals – and you give that all up to summon a loser with a weakness to pollution? Come on now. What’s pollution? If I threw a gum wrapper on the ground- that’s pollution. If I ever saw Captain Planet flying at me, I’d just throw some old reciepts in his face and book it. Seriously…would you give up a ring that could shoot spouts of controllable flame to summon this guy?

Ah, hell. You know what? No more games – let’s just get on with the cosplay posting. Just to be clear, I like these cosplays. You’ll see why.

Yuna! Least I think it’s “Yuna” – I lost track after FF8. You know what really sells this one? The cigarette.

Itsa you, Mario! Seriously, that Princess is SMOKIN’. That Toad looks like he’s been doing some smokin’ too. Hey…if he was high on mushrooms…would that be cannibalism?

“GUNDAM!” You can really feel the passion.

Super Duper Ludacris Saiyan Level 562! Forget how bad it looks – just imagine the balance you would need to just walk around without it tipping sideways and breaking your neck. The physics behind it is just incredible.

And that’s it!



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