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The Return Of Tuesday


Believe It Or Not – Joey Scarbury (think George’s Answering Machine)

Just didn’t want people to think that because I hadn’t really been posting on Tuesdays that I was done gushing about them. Cuz I ain’t!

Nah, I was just trying to spare you people of all the nitty gritty details that go on whenever I’m visiting Natasha’s place. I’ve settled into my preferred role of “sexually non-threatening, borderline homosexual confidant”. It’s easy, especially during this time where she’s having this huge emotional conflict over (what else?) some dude. It’s juicy stuff. It involves religion and morality and intimacy and all that good shit. As you know, I am a master of all those subjects and thus, can provide her with expert advice on how to live her life. It’s weird. Something about being around her clears my head. Sometimes I find myself giving her advice that makes so much sense that I have to step back and be like, “Whoa”!

Today was fun because I was exhausted and she was sick so we made quite a pair. We shared an apple, which was nice. I told her about one of my old flames. And I told her to take a nap so that she would feel better. Before I left, I turned off all the lights in her room, one by one. It was a cool moment, for sure.

Some random things:

– The bus ride home was a total haze. I was falling asleep the whole time on the subway and the bus…barely registering what was around me…and then I was home. You all know what I’m talking about.

– Rebecca from my Drama class is so hot that I cry myself to sleep at night.

– Gary, I have the name for our album: Pomosexuality. You see, “Pomo” is the slang term for Postmodernism, which is an art movement based on the belief that there are no more original ideas and all that is left is to copy existing art. That way, if we’re derivative, people will think it’s on purpose.

– Max, seriously, don’t do it.

That’s all I got for today. Maybe I’ll follow my own advice and get some sleep.



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