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Acting as a jackass, I’m ruining any chance of tricking the hapless, unsuspecting vagrants of the cyberworld into believing this is a news site.

Oh well.

And what worthy material am I posting in its stead? Cosplay of course. But not your average, run-of-the-mill, vanilla cosplay. No, this is one of those exotic variants, banned in 35 states and yet still fully legal in Canada. I’m talking about cosplayin’ during a wedding.

The. Truth. Is. Stranger. Than. Fiction.

Oh, and there’s a bunny too.

This deserves serious What Fuck Quotients, and if it was a movie, Van Helsing pointage too.

To quote 28 Days Later (actually it was a phrase written on a wall in blood, so I don’t know if “quote” is the correct term, but whatever):

“The end is fucking nigh”

– blood of some zombie dude

P.S. This is pretty funny too.



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