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I think it’s well documented here that my hatred for McDonald’s’ (what’s the punctuation supposed to be!?!) advertising campaign burns with the heat of a thousand suns. The ideas are so damn stupid that they’re lame. They’re bad – not funny bad – just BAD bad. I hate them. Just like I hate how people laugh at the trailer for White Chicks. But sometimes – only sometimes – the ads are funny bad.

Example #1 – I understand that this ad ACTUALLY exists over in China/Japan/dirty Asian countries. Now this is just funny. Check out Ronald throwin’ up gang signs. Dat’s gangsta! Also note his tiny Asian eyes – this is an Asian Ronald McDonald, friends. Just insanity. This would have been even more funny if I wasn’t kinda scared of Ronald.

Example #2 – Okay, you gotta be kidding me. No, this isn’t a Chappelle’s Show spoof. This one’s just too easy – it’s like they WANTED people to think that.

Example #3 – …yeah, this one’s a fake one I found. Here’s all I got to say – hold that shit down nigga, shoot that shit nigga. Good stuff.

Also, not McDonald’s related, but this is just…I don’t know. Did princesses and fairies and stuff go out of fashion? Are eight year-old boys dressing up as pimps now, instead of Ninja Turtles? COME ON!!!

EDIT: Okay, apparently they are. Damn society. I blame Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and all those evil Japanese imported cartoons. If kids grew up on a steady diet of Transformers, G.I.Joe, or X-Men this wouldn’t be happening.

Oh, and Let Go by Frou Frou has consumed my life – I can’t live without this song playing in my head. It is this week’s GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME. These Frou Frou albums aren’t that shabby either.



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