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Yeah, I’m supposed to be studying for my Books And Readers test tomorrow. And yeah, that got me thinking about that hot chick I’m obsessed with in that class. And yeah, that obviously got me looking for pictures of hot chicks on the internet (Eva Longoria to be specific). Long story short, I stumbled upon the web site of this game designer, Dave Zdyrko. If that name sounds familiar to anyone, it’s because he’s a fairly well known video game site editor and designer. In fact, he was one of the head game designers of Max and I’s beloved ESPN NFL 2K5. So we’re not exactly talking about some dude’s loser blog (see: The WAMBAG). Like I said, I was looking for pictures and I found this site through his “Babe Of The Week” feature.

All I have to say is this: The guy talks about masturbating a lot. Just check his profile and scroll down to his “masturbation record”. Undeniably impressive. Not only that, but he openly talks about all the dirty shit that he wants to do, it’s hilarious. Here are some of his more amusing entries:

Oh, a couple of warnings. Some nudity. And lots of vulgarity (so perfect for this lot, I think).

Jessica Simpson – I thought I’d start off with a classy one…

Rachel Bilson – …and then go to this one.

Avril Lavigne – Scary.

Alyssa Milano – A touch of nostalgia.

BeyoncĂ© – Ha ha, this one is just so wrong.

Adriana Lima – A surprising show of restraint.

Alicia Keys – Thanks for sharing, buddy.

I’ll stop before I post the entire damn site. I just find it odd that someone would post such explicit material on a site that people might actually read. He even says that he’s met some of these women! It’s not like our site that we know no one reads, allowing us to post our anti-gay/anti-semite/anti-dark skins agenda freely. Okay, it’s not that funny, but if you’re up at 2 in the morning and avoiding studying for a test or you’re just looking for material to add to the Spank Bank (Mr. Wong, I’m looking in your direction), you could do a lot worse.



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