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Beverly Hills – Weezer

* Listen to the new Weezer song now!!! I hate to hype up songs, because it causes people to instinctively become skeptical, but that’s how strongly I feel about this. There’s nothing like enjoying a band for your entire life, wondering when they’re finally going to falter (even the best do) and then they just keep releasing kick ass songs. It’s almost unfair. I wonder how all those Good Charlotte fans are going to feel in five years. Impotent, I’m thinking.

* Gloom is brilliant. Thanks, Gary.

* I normally don’t promote blogs, especially ones that are on such public domains, but you’ve got to check out the blog of this basketball player, Paul Shirley. I heard about it on a message board and after seeing it endorsed by The Sports Guy, I had to check it out myself. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be that guy at the end of the bench, give it a quick read. Here’s my favourite bit, which he wrote during a game against an overmatched opponent:

I began considering the possibility that there could very well be a bit of playing time in the offing and started paying at least cursory attention to what was going on in timeouts, in case Coach D’Antoni said something like, “From now on tonight, everyone will be shooting with his left hand. Deviation from this plan of attack will result in castration immediately following the game.” I would really hate to miss one of those instructions, come out firing, and because of my own mental lapse, ruin the rest of my life.

Give it a chance.

Lookin’ fer Cassidy?
Lookin’ for someone might know him.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Sayin’ you do, huh?
Cassidy useta drink inna place here, uh-huh. Gimme five bucks.
‘Fraid you need to narrow it down some. So long.
Cassidy came onna boat from Ireland ’bout a hunnerd yeaz ago, useta drink inna place here with Mick McCann anna crew. Cassidy the fuckin’ crazy man, awayz lookit me, lookit me…Cassidy can’t go out inna sun. Hehhhn. Funny thing ’bout Cassidy. All ya ever gotta say’s the bastard’s name.



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