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I had a pretty kickass weekend. Perhaps one of my best. Maybe like top five at least, ranking somewhere near the weekend I got my braces taken off. I thought I’d share some highlights with you.


– Time with Jess is always excellent time. I got to watch a classic Chinese movie that I hadn’t before, and Napoleon Dynamite. It’s an odd movie, and while it’s not really my/our type of odd, I still loved it. A worthy addition to my collection.

– I picked up a glazed donut at Coffee Time on the way home, which was very yummy.


– More excellent time with Jess. The day was a blur, but I had elevator music ringing in my ears afterwards for some reason.

– AL, Jess, and I then took turns kicking Emu’s ass at his own game of Gloom. But let the record show that I kicked the most amount of ass. I absolutely dominated at this game.


– More Gloom, with Emu and the Snaxy one. And my brother for the fourth. We were all raped by Emu – it wasn’t nice. “Gloomy” even…? Max liked it so much (the raping, not the game) that he decided to get his own set (of rape, not Gloom).

– Wonderful, wonderful StarCraft. For some reason unknown to me, I had three copies of Brood War sitting around at home, and two CD-keys. Our main man from Kingston (who was no doubt naked at the time) provide us with the third and the crafting began. We were all raped by Emu. It didn’t matter that we were on the same team. By the end of the night, we had determined that I completely and utterly suck at StarCraft, and that apparently Emu has no problem with eating Oreo cookies while drinking V8.

– You only finished half the can, you fucking bastard.

Here’s a screenshot of me secretly killing Emu’s SCV’s while he wasn’t looking. Hee hee hee. And here’s another screenshot displaying my complete dominance at the timeless art of vespene gas mining. Good times.


– I’ll be honest…I don’t really remember anything about Sunday. I keep thinking that I should though.


– Despite what you may think, Italian sausage + mayonnaise = not the greatest idea ever.

– Realized that Monday isn’t part of the weekend. Proceeded to not care.

– Typed up this post!

– Typed up “Typed up this post!”

– Typed up “Typed up ‘Typed up this post!'”

Hahahahahaha I’m so funny.



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