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Regarding webcomics…

I don’t read that many webcomics. At least I don’t think I do compared to the average internet-goer these days. And certainly not compared to Jess. But the ones I read are actually good.

‘cept for PVP. I absolutely hate it. But I don’t know why I keep reading it. I went through the entire archives like two summers ago when I was bored out of my mind…I don’t think there’s a single chuckle in there at all. It’s terrible, and the fact that it was nominated for an Eisner after it got reprinted into comic book form makes me hate it even more. This is textbook player hating right here. I only hate it because it’s popular – I’m not kidding anyone here.

I’ve been reading the webcomic Spamusement! lately…and I think I like it. It has a big The Far Side feel to it, which seems unavoidable because of the single panel deal. But I’d say it’s the most like explodingdog because of the single panel and subject line thing, with a hint of Perry Bible Fellowship type humour thrown in – I think it’s the facial expressions and the weird twists. You can see some of them coming from a mile away, but they always get me anyway. I think I like this one the best.

(Sine/Cosine!) I didn’t need to provide a link to The Far Side did I? There can’t possibly be people out there that don’t know about it, right? The Far Side is to Get Fuzzy as Green Day is to Simple Plan. …I think. I don’t know, that one might be a bit off, but you get the point. Also, somehow I left out The Far Side when I was making up my top tier list for syndicated newspaper funnies – it goes…

1) Calvin & Hobbes
2) The Far Side
3) Peanuts
4) Sherman’s Lagoon

Absolute dead fucking last) Family Circus

But honestly speaking, I don’t know if The Far Side would have ranked that high if Mr. P didn’t have that calendar back in Berczy. And Family Circus might not have ranked that low if it didn’t fucking suck so much.

(Continued…) One of my favourite webcomics, and possibly the only good thing to have ever come out of the University of Toronto that I have personally witnessed, is Dinosaur Comics. I love it. But I never read it consistently – I’ll forget about it for weeks at a time and then I’ll just go on a Dinosaur Comics binge on a random weekend when I should be studying for a test instead. It is also possible that I wouldn’t like this comic half as much if it didn’t have dinosaurs.

But forget all those – just go to Morning Glory Comics. I don’t even know why I bothered with a post – I should have just typed out this one single link. Everything else is irrelevant.

P.S. – WAMBAG approved professional athlete (though I would hesitate to use that term for baseball players) Chad Gaudin came into yesterday’s game and immediately gave up two runs, taking the loss. …should it be “disapproved?” I don’t even know the difference these days. His ERA is now at 13.15 – hurray!



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