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For Prison Break reruns? RERUNS!?! Fuck you, Fox. Fuck you right up the anal cavity.

Kitchen Confidental too. Though in hindsight, it wasn’t really that good, especially compared to Arrested Development.

I hate all you Everybody Loves Raymond watching fuckers, who kept a show like Friends alive for so many years, a move that caused the decomposition of society’s collective brain to the point where people couldn’t function without a canned laughter track to tell them when a joke was being told and what was funny. Meanwhile I see that shit like The Simple Life and Stacked are still around, which really does wonders for my faith in humankind.

I’m so mad I’m not even bolding these titles.

I wish a giant meteorite would just crash down and kill us all. Because I do not want to live in a world where things like Trading Spouses or Simple Plan are not only known but actually enjoyed by more people than things like Arrested Development is.

Well, I would actually like for that meterorite to crash down and kill all of YOU, but I realize that I’m already asking a lot for a mass meteorite-based homicide. And to ask for a meteorite-based genoicide might be rude to the meteorite-granting-parties involved in said transaction. And I’m nothing if not considerate.

In other news, I recently bought another bag of Oreos and I’m enjoying them very much right now. These are delicious, especially with milk dunk assist.



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