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Please join me for another installment of Choking Yak’s Provoking Facts.

– Sometimes I’m writing, and I’ll write an awesome looking not-cursive-but-cursive-looking-style ‘g’ and I’ll have to stop, sit back, admire it, and think to myself What an awesome looking ‘g’ that is. It almost looks like a grown-up wrote it. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and be proud of yourself, you know?

Guero by Beck is good stuff. Maybe I should actually purchase an album at some point in my life.

– Nah.

– Something I’ve always wanted to do was to be able to go down stairs two steps at a time. I mean, I can go up stairs like two or three steps at a time…why can’t I go down faster than one step at a time? A lot of times on the commute, I see guys racing down the stairs to catch a train, while I’m left eating their dust because my rate of descent is limited by one stair per step. The thing is…I have a horrible fear of trying to go down more steps than I can handle, losing my footing, tripping over, and eating concrete stairs.

So I’d always plan to practice going down multiple stairs at a time at home first, where I would perfect the move for later use. ‘cept once I got home, I would always forget about it. And there’s not a real large demand for multiple-stair-rate-descent in my house, where I’m never really in any hurry to get from point A to point B. Also, since there’s 14 stairs and I can just jump down from a height of four or five, that only makes like it ten actual stairs I need to walk down. And the difference between ten steps or five is minimal. So I continue to forget. And then when I see someone fly down at the subway, I kick myself for forgetting.

I don’t think it’s all that hard. Just as long as I get over that initial irrational fear of going faster than one stair per step, and get a good rhythm established for the elongated strides, it should be relatively easy.

– Went to Hamilton over the weekend to visit my brother. An hour into the drive back, there was a stretch on the 401, with not a lot of traffic around, street lights extending for miles and miles…and In the Waiting Line was playing on the stereo…man…that will mess with you head so bad. Thank God we didn’t have play the whole Garden State soundtrack on The Philly Trip.

– Thank God there is no such thing as “The Philly Trip” and that we have never been to Philadelphia at any point in time for any reason.



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