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Oh Well – Fiona Apple

I had a great idea the other day. A notion, if you will. It’s been well-documented on this site that I had an absolutely awful year last year. Just terrible. I wish it had never happened.

Well…what if it didn’t?

What if I could just wake up in the morning and say that that horrible…thing…never happened? Not just one incident or one mishap, but an entire year. Reset. All those classes I slept through? Gone. All the assignments I flubbed. Erased. All those awkward conversations? Silenced. The possibilities are endless. Vince Carter getting sent to New Jersey for Eric Williams, Alonzo Mourning and a sack of used condoms? Never happened. The “Philly Trip”? Never happened. I don’t even know what that is. Max getting anally raped by a wild boar? Funny, yes. But never happened.

I know, I KNOW I’m not the only one with regrets and loss. So what if we all helped each other out by allowing each other to take one year off the record. I choose the 2004-2005 campaign. Admittedly, this stretches a bit into both 2004 and 2005, but you get the idea. It shouldn’t be a hard and fast rule. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that you and I and the rest of us will do our best to not mention or acknowledge any of the events of that year. How does that sound? Hell, I’m not even 21 anymore. Knock one year off of that.

I’ve never heard of these Arcade Fire guys, are they good? I heard their CD came out last year. I apparently own it. I’m going to listen to it for the first time. Could be good.

Also, any failed romantic pursuits I had last year? Never happened. I don’t even remember liking girls until recently.

As you can see, my thoughts on the whole subject are garbled, non-sensical…insane you might say. It’s a work in progress. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all get a little down this time of year. People like us, who think about things too much. Who feel things too hard. So maybe just to lighten the usual angst, we should get this new thing going.

If you had bad times recently, I’m not asking you to move on from them. I’m telling you to convince yourself that there was never anything to move on from in the first place.

Have a safe winter everyone.

Don’t you love me?
It has been ten thousand years, Nada…yes. I still love you. But I have not yet forgiven you.



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