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Part of my problems with concentrating lately stem from the fact that I’m never exactly where I want to be. That is to say, while I enjoy being at the movies or hanging out with friends, my mind is usually somewhere else completely. And by the time I get to doing what I wanted to do at that time, I’m already looking ahead to what want to do next. It is rare that I’m doing exactly what I want. I did have a moment at work about a week ago. I had finished filling up one of the pop machines and I was really thirsty. I was like, “Man, I’d really like a Nestea Ice Tea right now”. So I bought one and drank it. For that brief moment it took me to finish that ice tea I was where I wanted to be.


Angel’s been going through some rough times so I decided to ask her to come over and stay at my place for a day. Don’t ask me why I thought this would help her, but I guess I want to try this “being there for your friends” thing I’ve heard so much about. You all know that I’m a big believer of improving and making yourself a better person every day. Plus, with Annia out of town I could certainly use the company. Plus plus, it’s part of my plan to spend more time with people I actually like.

It was no big deal. When we got to Finch station, we saw our bus driving off and we had to wait there for an hour. I tried to expound the virtues of sitting on a bench and staring at a parking lot, but she wasn’t biting. When we got to my house I showed her Guitar Hero. We played that for about three or four hours, maybe more. That shit is fishscale. My mom, God bless her, was in full nurturing mode so Angel was never left wanting for anything. Eventually we ended up watching Garden State. Damn it, I don’t know why that movie affects me so much everytime I watch it. Even when it starts to fall apart near the end, once that Frou Frou kicks in I’m sucked back in. Stupid Zach Braff. I think Garden State is a classic love it or hate it flick. I love it. So did Angel.

Normally when someone (usually just Max) sleeps over at my house we end up talking until the wee hours of the morning, having deep conversation about relationships and work and life in general. It’s predictable and trite. Considering how much turmoil Angel has been having in her life with her boyfriend and family, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to be a good listener and let her vent all her frustrations. But that didn’t happen. We finished the movie, we watched some television and we fell asleep a little before two. She didn’t need to talk about all that stuff. She simply needed to rest. I’m glad I, or at least my house, could provide her with some comfort.

We woke up around 7:00 and I walked her to the bus stop. The bus came and went and I avoided giving her the “awkward hug” (Trademark Alex Lee). I hope it’s not another two or three months before I see her again. I feel better today.

It’s not just the knife wound. It’s that rib of mine that popped like a wishbone when the Kingpin slugged me. It had the decency to stay where it belongs. Until that car hit me…now it’s all loose and jagged and every time I move it cuts and gouges…I keep walking…just because it’s hard to…



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