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I should probably post.

Below, you will find a link that combines together the two of the greatest treasures the modern world can provide – Street Fighter the movie and terrible Japanese pornography.

Yes my friends, I speak of Street Fucker II: Championship Edition.

I threw in “Championship Edition” just for kicks, but despite the YouTube video being labeled as “Street Funker Fighter II” I have reason to believe that it is more commonly known as Street Fucker Dash, the sequel to Street Fucker. Please do not inquire as to how I have this information, just accept the fact that I have it.

Those are an edited assortment of porn-free clips. Whether that news comes as a disappointment or a relief to you, I do not know.

Those of you who are well read in the field of Ahnuldology will find a special surprise mid-way through as well.

And as an additional gift to you, free of cost, is a “fan” review of the original Street Fucker.

I rue the day the glorious nation of Japan stops giving.

When I get back, I’m going to show you something I like to call ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Penis.’

…you know I really liked that movie, ’cause of all the flying and the magic.”



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