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So it turns out that Saturday was the fourth anniversary of The WAMBAG’s first post. This obligatory three day late post should tell all you need to know about how things work around here.

There’s no real way to avoid the fact that four years is a lot of time. Especially so for us, considering our reckless and dangerous crack-slinging-cop-killing-bear-fighting-lifestyles, waking up each day not knowing if we’ll make it back to see another one. I say it every year, but I’m honestly surprised and at a lost for explanation for how this gig even got past a month. Consider that my high school adventure – for all the ups and downs and sheer breadth of experiences it contained – only lasted four years. (And same with most of you, if you weren’t the dirty non-semestered OAC savages that you were.) It’s hard to find another four year stretch in your life that plays a bigger part in ultimately shaping and defining who you are as a human being.

The proceeding (approximately) four year stretch of university might be one. Which makes me wonder if anything’s going to really change for The WAMBAG, which has seen the beginning and end of at least my university experience. This year has actually seen a 32.47% decrease in posting when compared to the aggregate post averages of the three previous years. …not that I keep count or anything.

It’s been an especially eventful year for me, and I’d think for all of us, between now and the last time I had to write some crap to throw up for last year. It’s a sobering when I realize that I’m all done with school and that it seems like no more big developments are waiting for me. And every year, my dream of becoming the first crime fighting professional baseball player since Bo Jackson becomes a little less likely to happen. And you’ll have to forgive me for being just a little bit depressed about that.

Funny thing about The WAMBAG though, is that it never really changes. The spelling may have (imperceptibly) improved, the posts (imperceptibly) more refined, and the things we rant about are different, but the actual way we rant and the core material hasn’t really changed that much since Year One. Ferrellism still rules absolute here, Van Damme is still the greatest man who ever lived, Raul Julia is still the greatest man who ever died, and subtle and blatant allusions of homosexuality continue to spin the room. And now YouTube just conveniently collects all of our links together on one site.

That’s why I love this place. With all the ill-advised adventures we have, for all the things that have changed in these four years, The WAMBAG is still the rock, the seemingly unchanged constant that bridges one day to the next. Regardless if it’s an barely controllable urge to groin kick a high school classmate, or the University of Toronto fucking me up my ass, or that vending machine at work stealing my money (to be continued!), there’s still a place I can come home to every day, where I can proudly proclaim my love for Malaysian bear porn, my hatred for the Chinese people, or whatever ails me.

We have a good thing going here. Big kudos to my crew – here’s to another year of…whatever this is.

“What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?”
“…that about sums it up for me.”

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