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A nice thank you to Shirley for buying last night’s Death Cab For Cutie tickets for Max, a thanks to Max for buying them for AL, and a thanks to AL for giving them to me. It goes to show that a lot of people are involved everyday in keeping me happy – a fact that is never lost on me. And by “never” I of course mean “always”. Please find blurry pictures of poor quality from my camera in the link below. Unfortunately the two camera videos I took were of unrecoverable quality.


Bonus Halloween post!

I was so proud of myself for finally being able to cut sugar out of my coffee today, thinking I had finally turned the corner and on my way to a healthy lifestyle. And then we had this Halloween celebration at work where I devoured a pack of Sour Cherry Blasters, Sour Patch Kids, a roll of Rockets, two chocolate cup cakes adorned with gummy worms, and a corner piece of rectangular Halloween cake (the type with the 110% sugar icing), washed down with three cups of punch that was probably 1% water, 1% orange Kool-Aid, and 98% sugar – all within the span of seven minutes. How did I ever not develop diabetes as a child? I regularly consumed like four pounds of candy every October 31st when I was but a wee lad. I must have had an insane metabolism that I have since lost, because I think I can actually feel my kidneys seizing up and destroying themselves.

I’m still not sure if they should even be allowed to recognize Halloween in the office at big companies, because it’s against my religion and offensive to me to acknowledge – much less celebrate – the existence of witches and demons. And by “witches and demons” I of course mean “clowns”.

Also, some advice – don’t ever eat a pack of Sour Patch Kids directly from your pocket. Despite what you may have heard, warm and sour are indeed not two great tastes that taste great together. In fact, I found it to be the exact opposite. The tasty chemicals must have somehow oxidated when they reacted with my body heat, a reaction that – obviously – produced yucky oxide molecules as a product. Don’t question me, I have a UofT Chemistry minor, and these findings can be found in any high school Wonka Chemistry textbook.

“Elaine, alright where’s the SP2000? ’cause I gotta slice.”
“Ah, I forgot it. I gotta get home.”
“Ok, I’ll go with you.”
“Um, I’m not actually going straight home…I have to first stop at the uh…circus. You know, with all the…CLOWNS.”
“Oh, well…you have fun.”



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