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Very tired today, not a lot of time for chatting of chittery nature. I must get you to the links as soon as possible. GO FORTH FROM HERE POST-HASTE!

Will It Blend? I guess so. So now let me ask you a question. What kind of disturbed human being could possibly need or desire such a ridiculous level of power (IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!!!1111) in a fucking BLENDER? Did you see that shot of the crowbar in the opening montage? Why!?! Why is this necessary!?!

– Direct link, so get that right mouse button ready! *ahem* “Dey ATE ME! A motherfuckin’ shark ATE ME!!!”

– By the way, I want to add this to my previous post regarding heart exploding delicacies.

– All the details you could ever want (and yet more!) regarding the K-Fed divorce. Yes, “the K-Fed divorce”, not “the Britney divorce”. Like him or not, you cannot deny that he has since become an bigger story than Britney over the last two years. I almost feel bad for him. …and then I realized that he got paid over three million dollars to have sex with Britney Spears while she was still attractive. And then I don’t feel so bad for him anymore.

By the way, Britney Spears is divorcing Kevin Federline, in case that bit of news somehow snuck past you in a cardboard box. Happens to the best.

Generic angry video game related rant. There’s actually a video without the images and the Resident Evil font from this GameStop: After Hours bit, and it’s approximately fifteen billion times less funny.

The “Crossfire” Song: Live – the second last “you’ll get caught up in the…crooooossfiiiiiiyaaaaaahuh” bit straight up kills me. Now imagine how it would have been if you didn’t see the title of the video and you had no idea it was coming. Indeed JenniPowell, ladies – how does he do it?

This is glass dust – don’t breathe this!



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