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* If you’re curious, today’s post title is brought to you by the friendly folks over at 30 Rock. I would be surprised if Brian wasn’t watching this show since it stars our favourite nerdita, Tina Fey. *swoon* The show isn’t perfect yet, but the cast is good and the plots have been solid. The latest episode, concerning an allegedly illiterate Tracy Morgan and a camera shy Alec Baldwin, was the best one yet. Oh yeah, and this girl is in it. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.

* I’m sure everyone’s heard about this ugly incident with Kramer at the Laugh Factory. Ah, geez. I’m glad I’m posting this instead of William, because I’m sure he’d have some snide comment to make here. I’m kind of bummed out by it. However, I’ll maintain my usual policy that a former idol’s current transgressions do nothing to diminish the triumphs of the past. It’s a point of view that has allowed me to painlessly enjoy old Michael Jackson songs, the original Star Wars trilogy and Vince Carter highlights from his tenure with the Raptors. Plus, I’m pretty sure that he’s high as a kite. Isn’t it sad that that relieves me? It’s like, “Come on, that’s not the real Michael Richards! It’s just the cocaine talking!” Phew. Good to know. I should mention that he did apologize on Letterman on Monday night via satellite, if that makes anyone feel better.

* Finally got to watch some movies over the weekend, eh? Stranger Than Fiction was funny and well acted. Will Ferrell showed some impressive chops, though my favourite “comic actor goes dramatic” performance still goes to Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love. Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is a close second. I’ve got a thing for Maggie Gyllenhaal now. Yet another example that it is so much more important in movies to be likeable and attractive than just “hot”. Though for the record, I would still do Jessica Alba in the butt.

Casino Royale was also a fine film. Strangely, it gets better the more I think about it. I remember walking out and thinking, “Yeah, really good.” I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Daniel Craig was incredible. I’m not sure it was a “Christian Bale as Batman” kind of revelation, but then again, I don’t know James Bond as well as I do Batman. So if you’re a hardcore Bond fan, you can tell me how good he was. I could have done with less poker scenes (yes, I know that’s the main plot of the film). There’s only so many times I can watch people staring at each other and flipping cards over. Bond movies are rarely my cup of tea, especially since the pacing never feels quite right to me. The first half hour of this film is as good as it gets, but then it slows way down. This is like a lot of the recent Bond movies. That said, the strong performances and direction carry this one as far as it has to go.

* Personally? Nothing noteworthy has happened recently. Work, work, work. Class, class, class. Work, work, work. Look to the heavens for an answer that never comes. Class, class, class. Subway. Sleep.

I wish I had more to offer.

You know what they say: “Don’t worry, be happy.”
Bobby McFerrin raped my grandmother.



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