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Conan Does It Again

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I’m supposed to be working on an essay right now that was due…uh, earlier today. Meh. I’d be remiss if I didn’t report Conan’s latest journey into madness.

So he was doing a sketch yesterday called “New NCAA Mascots”, which is essentially an excuse for Conan to create all sorts of random images that have nothing to do with nothing and pass it off as legitimate comedy. Of course, it’s always hilarious. One of the mascots was called the “Manatee Who Is All That And Knows It” I think. It was a guy in a manatee costume dancing in front of a webcam. One of the Max Weinberg 7, Mark Pender (the bald guy with glasses) was watching the manatee on his laptop and Conan made a throw-away joke about Pender being on “hornymanatee.com”.

On tonight’s show, he told the audience (and this is apparently absolutely true) that if you say the name of a website on television and that website does not exist, you have to buy the rights to that website. So for the cost of $159 dollars, Conan purchased “hornymanatee.com”. Anyone who watches Conan knows that he wouldn’t be satisfied with just owning the domain name. He got his people to put a website together and, well, it speaks for itself. Without further adieu…


You’re welcome.

Six weeks?
Yeah, six weeks.
Well, so what? You’ve gone six weeks before.
I can do six weeks standin’ on my head. I’m like a sexual camel. That’s not the point. At least there was the possibility.
Well, so, are you gonna break up with her?
I don’t know. I don’t wanna be one of those guys.
What guys?
Like us.



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