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If you ever find yourself having nothing to do on a lazy Friday afternoon because (a) you’re taking off for vacation next week, (b) two of the three people that actually acknowledge your daily existence are already on vacation, and (c) the third guy’s your backup and you’ve already handed off all your items to him…then here’s a two year old Patton Oswalt Q&A thread from some random forum. I’m about half way through it, reading only Patton Oswalt’s posts, and I’ve burned away like maybe five hours – not including my lunch break today midway through there, where I spent an hour and a half aimlessly strolling through the Eaton Centre.

Yes, I do get paid for this. And yes, after 140 words, I’m only into my fourth sentence of the post. In case you were wondering.

(To avoid confusion, note that I wrote that top portion during work on Friday, and I am writing the rest now, 3:12 AM Sunday morning.)

I’m just going to wrap this up with a random clip of him on porn.

I’m tired. See you Saturday.

(Please don’t rob my house when I’m away. Please.)

The necklace was made of vaginas.



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