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I’m currently stealing Wi-Fi internet access at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport with my brother’s laptop (which is also stolen) waiting for my flight to start boarding, so just a quick post for now.

First off…thank Christ I managed to convince my parents to ditch that whole “drive 24 hours to Flordia” plan. I would have snapped and killed everyone Cells-style twenty minutes into it.

I’ve spent the last hour and a half catching up on all my Iverson trade updates, fantasy basketball team standings (heal T-Mac, HEAL!!!), MBP news, and so on, so hopefully no big updates will be required for me to resume the usual business.

In fact, I’m surprised Big AL hasn’t posted this yet…Justin Timberlake in an SNL Digital Short – A Special Christmas Box. Nice of NBC to wise up and stop being such a bitch about YouTube hosting SNL bits.

That’s just killer. More when I get back tonight, but here’s a nice bit for now…12 Year Old Girl Gets Zune Pre-Loaded with Porn. …I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.

It was a homosexual orgy that they had video taped for an hour and 44 minutes.



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