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Here It Goes Again – OK Go

My mood seems to be back on the upswing. I figure there’s a few reasons why this is happening. For one thing, I’m obviously a psychopath. But you knew that already. It also helps that Jess has been listening to me complain for the last week or so about…well, nothing in particular. I can imagine how irritating that must have been for her. Being back in school is nice. As you all know, it’s never good when someone like myself is left to their own devices for too long. I crave structure. Watching Beauty And The Geek with Shirley is a fun new tradition. A tradition that will last a total of two weeks since she’s leaving the country soon, but fun and new nevertheless. Plus, I don’t have any assignments due for, like, a month so I’m free to do nothing for a while. It’s good to be me.

I probably should have seperated all of that stuff, but I hate making short one-sentence paragraphs.

I also had a fleeting moment of glory in one of my classes today. I was worried about my lectures today because I hadn’t done any of the reading, which is always an awkward experience. Inevitably, the teacher asks a question and nobody wants to answer and I think to myself, “Damn it, if I’d just done the reading I could save us all from this horrible silence.” Well, I got away with it today. Professor Johnstone was asking us for specific examples of how Chapter 17 in Adam Bede is significant in determining the validity of realism in fiction (I know, you don’t care). It seemed obvious to me and I wanted to make at least one comment during the class so I just put my hand up and said “Chapter 17 declares itself as a break from the main narrative. Its very presence forces us to question the fidelity of the rest of the novel.” (or something like that) He approved, not only by telling me that I was right but he actually said, “Did everybody hear that?” and then made sure that everyone understood and recorded the genius that was my comment. I zoned out for the next hour and a half. My work was done. I have to pat myself on the back and say that I seem to have a knack for these moments in that particular class. One spot-on comment and I’m done. I’m just like George in that Seinfeld episode The Burning, where he tries to end all his social encounters on a high note.

It is also possible that my improved disposition COULD have something to do with Elena finally e-mailing me back and agreeing to meet me at noon next Tuesday. Probably not though. Tee hee.

By the way, Spiders On Drugs.

I had ’em, Jerry. They loved me.
And then?
I lost them. I can usually come up with one good comment during a meeting but by the end it’s buried under a pile of gaffs and bad puns.
Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off.
I can’t just leave.
That’s the way they do it in Vegas.
You never played Vegas.
I hear things.



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