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Movie trailers hold a special place in my heart. There’s a special art in distilling like two hours worth of movie into a minute or thirty second long trailer that just doesn’t get recognized enough.

Furthermore, it’s great fun when you find those trailers for a movie…that are really for a different movie altogether. I don’t think anyone has or ever will again touch the glory of the Solsbury Hill assist knock-out at the end…by God bless ’em for trying all the same.

The Office as a murder mystery? Whatever, roll with it. The great thing with these is that while they’re not particular that great (just seems like splicing similar type scenes together, with no real order like in real trailers) it’s fun to see how many bits you can spot and identify from the regular episodes.

– Now do it with Seinfeld. I like how he spliced in that bit into the anti-dentite part. …and is that ├ęclair a bomb? That’s awesome.

– And then Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a Terminator sequel. Rooney as R:1000 is pretty fun, but that’s about it – this is good just because of the hereditary goodness that the original movie passed onto it. You’re just remembering how good the original Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was all throughout this trailer anyway.

– I mean…even SNL‘s doing it. Always funny. You can’t miss with those jokes.

See…this is why Grindhouse is going to be so awesome.

…but really this entire post was just to give me an excuse to give you the ol’ 1-2 with Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary.

What is the scientific purpose of this post?




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