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Everything’s Just Wonderful – Lily Allen

Annia’s back in town and we had a fun night watching NBA All-Star Saturday Night. Well, I’m not sure how much fun she had since she’s not the biggest hoops head. Hell, I don’t even know how much fun I had considering All-Star Saturday Night sucked this year. It was important to see her though, because she sounded down when I spoke to her this afternoon and it’s clear she’s having some problems. What are they you might ask?

I honestly have no idea.

It’s always an odd dilemma when you see a friend who you know is in trouble. Is it best to tackle the problem head on or should one try to distract them from their concerns? Especially a friend you don’t see often who you want to make the most of your time with. She’s going back to Guelph on Monday and leaving for Louisiana on Thursday. So this was pretty much it for a while. I kept thinking that I should just ask her, “What’s the matter?” but maybe she doesn’t need that right now. Arrrggh! And you never know if you got it correct either. You just show up and hope for the best. In this case, I was hoping she’d feel comfortable hanging out with my cousin Derek and his peoples. We’re a pretty raw and rowdy crowd when we get together so it can be off-putting for some people. I don’t know if she feels like I forced her to come out or…ugh, I’m going around in circles aren’t I?

My mother says she’s looking prettier all the time. I agree.

Haven’t been writing too much lately, probably because things are going so nicely for me. Spent some time with Caroline, Natasha, Aisha and Arlene this week. It’s okay if you can’t remember who any of these people are, just know that I’ve been hanging out with some swell gals. Can’t ask for much more than that.

If you’re not as lucky as me, just take the time to watch this old Oasis video for Stand By Me. Always makes me feel better.

Hi, my name is Liz Lemon and I received flowers from your shop tonight and I can’t tell who they’re from. No, no I did read the card but it’s not signed. No, I’m not “with so many men that it’s impossible for me to guess”. Well, that is just…oh, oh well you know what? I found the card. Actually, they’re from your mom. Yeah, so tell your gay mom I said “thanks”.



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