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So there was certainly some crazy commute fun for everyone working downtown today.

Apparently there was an accident at 4:30 AM, which lead to the closure of the subway line between York Mills and Eglinton for the entire day to facilitate the investigation. For some reason, no one seemed to know what was going on, and the TTC had the great sense to not even put up a single sign or tell more than three employees what was going on. So when I got to the station this morning, everyone was going about their commute as normal. They didn’t even announce anything on the ride down to York Mills – the train just got there, dumped people off, and sped back up. It was like a terrible prank.

In the meanwhile, I think they attempted to use a shuttle to carry people down to Eglinton, but there were like literally two hundred people on the subway platform just lining up on the platform that led to the stairs that led to the bus platform. I heard people were waiting like an hour and a half to even get on a bus.

Combined with that water main leak on Lake Shore this morning, and the crazy quick blitz thunderstorm with 95 kilometre per hour winds, the commute to and from work was absolute hell.

…that’s what I’m guessing at least. I wouldn’t know – I got to York Mills, saw the ridiculous Persian-army-sized crowd waiting for a shuttle, thought “Forget this!”, and I just went back up. Took the laptop out, got my email on, worked from home.

I never did it before, but everyone else does it all the time – statistically more on Fridays for some inexplicable reason – but that’s not my game. It’s just one of those white collar job perks that I never really thought I would enjoy taking advantage of…I mean…work is work. I was never able to do any homework at home throughout university either. The whole idea is cheap, it’s lazy, and I’m better than that.

Just not today. I mean, I really had no choice. I honestly thought about driving down since the subway was unavailable…but then I mean you can only brown nose so much, you know? Funny thing too, because once I got home and sent the notice out, I saw that apparently half my department and all my managers and essentially everyone who even knows I’m alive was working from home as well. If I showed up today…no one would even know. That’d almost be depressing, if that wasn’t already essentially how I felt for the entirety of my stint at the good ol’ University of Toronto.

So once again…laziness saves the day.

Now for Bill Murray as The Whip Master.

“Esteban was eaten!”
“Is he dead?”
“Esteban was eaten! Check the scanning monitor before it dives too deep!”
“He was bitten?”
“He was swallowed whole?”



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