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Rain Delay

Bandwitch – Broken Social Scene

* I have been exercising way too much lately. Between softball practice and the weekly basketball runs, it’s almost like I think I’m athletic or something. That said, the weather is outstanding these days and I advise everyone to go out and have a decent jog. Or at least take your Magic cards down to the lake and play on the rocks. On Sunday, it was so warm and we were running around and fielding softballs and I was like, “Man, I could really use a slushie right now.” So William and I went down to the convenience store near the park and got slushies. It was the most delicious thing ever.

Speaking of exercise, I really wanted to go to the park today. I just bought a new softball glove and I wanted to work some of the kinks out of my swing. Plus, I’ve had some frustrations to deal with. It is raining. Just my luck.

* Is there anything more agonizing than shaving and realizing afterwards that you missed one or two hairs? Probably.

* I finally got to see Jess’ place yesterday. She is livin’ large! Her building is still under construction, but she’s cleaned up nicely. She also has one of those pecking bird toys. You know the one with the long metal pole and the small wooden bird? And you shake it and the bird starts to peck all the way down the pole. No, I couldn’t find a picture. Anyway, playing with that thing is crazy addictive and I marvel at the fact that she gets any work done. She explained that she spends a lot of time at the Starbucks across the street. We chilled out there for a while and she put up with my complaints about God-knows-what like she always does.

I had lunch with Julius too, but that was a bit weird because he’s trying to get me involved in some kind of pyramid scheme.

* Man, I can’t believe Asia won The Search For The Next Doll! Does anyone else here watch this show? Anybody? Bueller?

* Okay, I give you links now. They’re not all must see viewing so you might want to just skim them if you feel compelled to click on everything:

I love the music of TV On The Radio, so here are a couple of videos that use their best song, Wolf Like Me: A Final Fantasy one and one for a Doctor Who spin-off called Torchwood (WARNING: Gayness). Someone also remixed the 28 Weeks Later trailer. Even if you don’t like the videos, it’ll just give you an excuse to listen to Wolf Like Me over and over again.

In the same vein, here’s a Cowboy Bebop video done to the tune of Imogen Heap‘s Hide And Seek. And no, it is not another parody of “Dear Sister/The Shooting”. That’s what these are:

Dear Persian. Funny comment: “ummm ok. Kind of the same as the dear sister but alright.” So you got that, huh?

Clay Edition. I’m glad they recorded their own audio.

No guns. So obvious, yet still funny.

And finally, a WAMBAG tradition that William just pointed out, ending with a link that has nothing to do with nothing:

Pachelbel Rant!

There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Sparta from the histories. Every piece of Greek parchment shall be burned. Every Greek historian and every scribe shall have their eyes put out and their tongues cut from their mouths! Why, uttering the very name of Sparta or Leonidas will be punishable by death! The world will never know you existed at all.
The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many and before this battle was over that even a God-king can bleed.



Destined to fight the world's evil, The WAMBAG endures massive battles involving impossible stunts, races on horse-pulled carriages, and the desecration of enchanting medieval castles (all done with dizzying computer graphics). Not only does the eye candy keep on coming, the tongue-in-cheek writing and deep Transylvanian accents perfect the film with a dose of dark humor.



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