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I did not realize how inadvertently homoerotic that whole “Kevin was there to back me up” sentence sounded until just now.

That’s awesome. Now for a brief follow-up story…

I sent an email to an old friend on Sunday night (two, actually, which confused me), during probably the only window of opportunity I realistically had. My self esteem was at a season high fresh off that serotonin rush from that six run beating we handed out earlier that day, and I didn’t know the next time I would ever experience that type of happiness again.

(…probably this Sunday, when we play our next game. And win. Yeah!)

I’m going to chalk it up to pure coincidence that everything just happened to perfectly coincide with the peak of a two week stretch during which I experienced probably one of my personal All Time Top 10 most insane mind wrecking binges of neuroticism. Did you know I actually counted each individual character in there by hand once? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY.

But I’m better now. I’m going to stop being crazy.

I woke up this morning, and while lying in bed gradually powering up and listening to some sweet 680News (…gold is up ten points), I realized that I’m probably overthinking this whole thing. I mean, I knew that all along in my head, but I think I honestly believe it now. Deep down inside, I honestly think that if I tried hard enough, I can still live life like a normal human being…at least for short half hour periods at a time. I think I’m going to do that.

I feel absolutely great today, thanks for asking.

Now for the Titannica skit from Mr. Show.

Inhale the powder from the science class
Yes, nearly dying felt so cool
Your face is all that hasn’t changed
You’re reassembled just like me
But when I reach to touch your hand
You stroke mine, gently
All I want is one more chance to be young and wild and free
All I want is one more chance to show you, you were right for me
You were right for me



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