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This is about a year old and may seem a bit random at first, but check out this old entry of an USATODAY.com blog discussing the CNN story uncovering Lance Bass’ (literal) gayness and it’s shockwaves throughout the online blogging world. Now read the second paragraph, about how bloggers are linking to the news just to say it’s not news. Do you see that “‘Get ready for the shock of your life,’ says the sarcastic 10th” sentence? Check out that “says” link, and see where it points to.

(Here’s a spoiler: IT POINTS TO HERE!!!)

We’re the sarcastic 10th blogger! In case you were curious, here’s the actual archived post from way back in July 26, 2006. Just read through some of the other posts we put up that month…I can’t believe they actually linked to such an inappropriate site.

I’m going to go home and tell my mom I was published in USA TODAY. And then I’ll change the topic if she asks for details.

Anyway…Mac or PC and What You Know About Math by TI-84 featuring E.

Despite the better lyrics, flow, dancing, and production value – I still personally like the latter more just because of their sheer unbridled ambition. How can you seriously expect someone to get the original song parody and all the natural log and sig-fig references at the same time? And if anything, the campiness just adds to it all.

They’re hanging on by a very thin thread…and I DIG that about them!

And lastly, a Nike commercial formed by splicing together various Tom Cruise clips. Surprisingly good. And you also get to play that game where you try to name as many bits as you can. Fun stuff.

Candy on the ’64
Leather guts and fish bowl
50 on the pinky ring just to make my fist glow



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