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Ah, 10:30 AM on a lazy weekday at work. Prime blogging time!

Remember Chez, the fourth man of The Lonely Island guys? Of course you do.

Check out this video, which starts as an innocent tour of his apartment, but then (predictably so) jumps up a notch. Also, this nice behind the scenes feature for the scoring of Hot Rod. This is ridiculous, because despite the absolute lack of content, he still manages to squeeze a minute and a half out of your life. And if you can’t respect that, then I don’t know what’s up with you.

For some reason Chez reminds me of like an even more insane version of AL’s cousin Derek. Except Chez has never threatened to physically destroy me if I messed up in one of our softball games. Anyone else share this sentiment? I’m the only one? What’s the deal?

By the way, Hot Rod‘s got the stank of excellence all over it. Screw the haters…aka Max Snax of Ajax, who specifically said, VERBATIM…”This is the worst movie of all time and I will not watch it also my name is Max Wong and I really did say these exact words also I have sex with men and enjoy it.” It’s got Will Arnett AND The Final Countdown, son!

Also, another new Derrick Comedy sketch. Again, it starts with a small bit that just (predictably so) keeps escalating and escalating. Always quality. And I think you could use that ending for pretty much any skit. Like, sub it into any random SNL bit over like the last thirty years, and it still works. Good stuff.

“Hey Rod, maybe you shouldn’t fight Dad this week.”
“Relax Kev, I’m gonna win this time. I did like 40 crunches yesterday.”



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