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I really feel Chewy’s enthusiasm in that bit is underappreciated. I can actually feel the joy radiating out of him, and he actually made me believe that another human being was actually glad to see us…which we all know is about the farthest you could be from the truth. Next we should make a trailer with either Solsbury Hill or Cells in it.

I’m actually a bit scared about the prospect of going over the footage from Saturday…I don’t know if it’s something I want to relive so soon.

Here’s some links in the meanwhile.

– Bad news to those of you that did not particularly enjoy all the dry, irrelevant lines we were spitting from Flight of the Conchords, because HBO is picking it up for a second season. My condolences.

– American Gladiators is indeed making a comeback. I wasn’t just lying about that one for once. There is absolutely zero percent chance that I’ll miss this. As a kid, my ultimate fantasy (aside from hitting a World Series winning walk-off home run) was to play in Assault. I still remember this one time a guy got hit in face and had to withdraw due to damage it did to his cornea…but that just made me want to do it even more.

– Check out this report on Ridley Scott talking about making a Monopoly movie. You know, Boardwalk, Park Place, Baltic Avenue…all that stuff? Now imagine it all as a movie. …yeah, I got absolutely nothing either. You know what would be a better idea though? A Joust movie. And by “a better idea” I of course mean “another abortion of misguided human ambition”. All I want to know now is when the inevitable Crossfire movie is coming out.

– I can’t stop laughing at the first comment of that Crossfiyah video. “Fuck yeah bitch this is what I based my life on“. Amen, son. AMEN. Sometimes the comments are just as (if not more) entertaining than the actual video. And now that previous sentence shall enable me to cleverly and conveniently segue into this next link – If Blog Commenters Ruled The World. It’s scary how good I am.

This is a video of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, which is equal parts funny and lame. There just doesn’t seem like there’s enough violence in there – I think people are forgetting that when we were younger, inflicting pain onto others was just as much of a prerequisite of fun as any other.

Hey Emu and Dan, remember that cardboard tube tournament we had during that Medieval Ages unit back in Grade 4 (which was actually a lot more dangerous than this because we were allowed to use duct tape to sharpen and harden our spears and morning stars)?

…yeah, I don’t remember that ever happening either.

Let’s get outta here, man.



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