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My life has been a horrible train wreck of failure and impotency fueled anger this week, and I need to post corrections for some of the mistakes in my previous post, which I typed up while in the shower. A cold shower. With my clothes on. While crying. With a laptop. That was waterproof.

The Harold & Kumar 2 link is broken. Use this one instead, and if that doesn’t work, then please just use the power of your imagination to mentally construct the trailer in your mind, and enjoy.

Secondly, the Oreo pizza commercial link should have been this one instead, which would make a bit more sense in the context of the post than the original link. Though the original link is still funny to me because I’m never quite sure whether the guy is monotone and being serious, or just deadpanning and being sarcastic whenever he remarks on how yummy the pizza is. I think all this dry comedy we’ve been dealing with lately has made it impossible for me to differentiate the two. Originally I was going to post them both, but I mixed up the links and forgot about the other one. I’m going to chalk this mix-up to the fact that I am Chinese. Is that acceptable?

Also, the Bill Murray video also features Mel (Kristen Schaal) from Flight Of The Conchords which I forgot to mention. Namely because I was going to combo that into a clip of her stand-up routine, which I will now provide a link for. Here! And she also has a sketch here that is without a doubt one of the more insane things I have seen all month. Which is saying a lot, actually, considering the month we’ve had.

My apologies for these oversights. It will probably happen again.

And that’s how a bill becomes a law!



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