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I’m going to get in a quick regularly scheduled programming post before I write up my own bit for the movie. Even though I think most of it’s been covered already, so I might not even do it in the end. Who knows? In the meanwhile, suck on these links, bitches.

– New GROW game from EYEZMAZE. Have fun, Jess.

Shelley Duncan is my new favourite New York Yankee. I would have absolutely loved something like that if I was 10 years old – just another example of how all Red Sox fans young and old are douchebags, trained from birth to douche it up. In other news, Go Jays!

This is a neat video of Russia testing the largest vacuum bomb ever made, which they have labelled the “Father of All Bombs” because they are Russian, and are insane. Also known as a high-impulse thermobaric weapon, it uses a cloud of explosive agents combined with the surrounding oxygen in the air as the oxidizer, and the resulting blast wave from the overpressure is what kills stuff good. The Wikipedia page is a cool read – apparently this one can cause nuclear bomb level destruction, but without the nasty radiation. Hopefully the Russians won’t set us up the bomb over this North Pole stuff, because I’ll be dead and buried in the ground long before I acknowledge a world in which Santa is Russian.

Here’s a bizarre installment of Inside Edition about Super Mario Bros. from way back in 1988. There is just way too much weird stuff going on this video for me to even start with the wisecracks…it must have been just such a strange experience living in the 80’s. I can’t even really begin to imagine the full scope of it.

– I love Natalie Portman. Especially in an elephant suit. I want to play “The Princess And The Mayalsian Sun Bear” with her – I’ll be the Princess.

– Next, please enjoy this Japanese Jack Bauer commercial. It entertains me because it’s just so mean spirited. I don’t know why you’d have to kick him out of the van, Jack. That’s not nice at all.

– From the guys that brought you Gigaton Punch comes YupYupYup. Kanye, you sleeping on this guy! Why haven’t you made a mix yet?

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