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So to absolutely no one’s surprise, I got lazy and decided not to write another word about our little movie. Instead I just copied all three of our relevant posts and just threw it on the page. I don’t want to deal with it anymore – frankly I just want to put the whole sordid thing behind me and move on with my life. I think I’m going to keep that link up there for a while though, because from a layout design perspective, I think it’s awesome to have Astro Boy on my webpage.

Here are some more links.

Here is an absolutely insane Adam West Batman clip where the deathtrap du jour is being tied into a Siamese Human Knot. I don’t want to say any more about this one because I feel that my jackassery will only serve to diminish the sheer absurdity of this video.

– Here comes the second installment of that Internet Commenter Business Meeting video from a short while back. I think the Asian guy has some solid bits. It’s just the same thing over again, but I bet they said that about 24 too…but here we are, looking at Season 7 in January 2008.

– Check out the trailer for Juno, which is the next upcoming thing from WAMBAG-approved thespian Michael Cera. It also includes a bunch of guys like Dwight, Kitty Pryde, Elektra, J Jonah Jameson…should be lots of fun, even if it looks more like a moody, offbeat, depressing chick flick than a straight up comedy. Good thing I love chick flicks! And being depressed! Is Ellen Page going to be the poor man’s Natalie Portman for this era?

Oh, and it also co-stars Jason Bateman, who apparently never actually appears in the same scene as Cera throughout the entire movie. So this is a movie…that stars Michael Cera…and Jason Bateman…and they never appear on camera together at the same time. WHAT FUCK!?! Fortunately, there exists this interview which touches on that exact topic.

Bateman is a bad man. What would happen if you reunited him with Will Arnett, and put them in a room with Bill Murray and The Flight Of The Conchords? The deadpan…it would just be too much for this universe to handle. Let’s make this movie. We’re Hollywood big shots now, right?

“Screw Katherine Heigl. He got himself some Page.”
“That’s right.”
“He ripped that up.”



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