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Let’s get another post up here – why the heck not?

Injuries continue to plague American Gladiators, with a second Power Ball related knee injury to a contestant. But not before Laila Ali managed to interview him and – while dropping the fact that his Florida home was lost in a hurricane – asking whether or not the $100,000 prize money would be helpful. Just fantastic. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. What’s that? There’s a writers’ strike? NO!

Anyway, our third installment of Insane Music Videos From East Asia comes from the lovely Jess, friend of The WAMBAG – Fallin Angels by 2Girlz. Or Fallen Angel by 2 Girls. I don’t really know, because even their MySpace page has conflicting information on it. Obviously they themselves are not really Asian, but they are apparently signed to a big Japanese record label, and are big stars on the club/trance scene over there. So criteria satisfied!

Of particular interest to me was the mention that their dad was former Los Angeles Dodger Tom Niedenfuer, who did indeed contribute to the 1981 World Series winning Dodgers as a rookie, pitching 5.2 innings without an earned run throughout the 1981 postseason (although 6 hits and 2 walks in 5.2 innings isn’t great for a middle reliever). I thought his Wikipedia entry was pretty funny though, and I wouldn’t doubt it if the Niedenfuer name was hated in Los Angeles among Dodgers fans.

Also, in case anyone was wondering about that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 video and what the “curleh mustache” lines refer to (I’m sure there are many of you, too numerous to count), it’s in reference to the Pringles mascot, Julius Pringles (Wiki it up). And the fact that once the Magneto rushdown starts going, much like Pringles…once you pop, you just can’t stop. So now if you ever heard a black guy refer to Magneto as the Pringles Man…well, now you know why.

No need to thank me.

All in yo mouf!



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