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Today’s misogynistic post is brought to you by the women’s studies department of the Sacramento State University.

Required reading for this post will be this article, about a 22 year-old college student auctioning off her virginity to pay for her tuition. For those legally inclined, since it will be arranged through a prominent brothel in the great state of Nevada, it’s not actually illegal.

I can’t think of a better way to waste money than buying this girl’s supposed virginity so that she can pursue a master’s degree in women’s studies. I mean…really? Women’s studies? And an undergraduate degree isn’t enough?

I mean even if you just burned all that money, it could still potentially provide warmth on a cold winter day or a really pimp way to light a cigarette. How the fuck is a bimbo with a master’s degree in women’s studies going to benefit society? Finding more ways to blame men for all the evils in the world? But how could she teach anyone else about it if she’s too busy holding a dick in her mouth all the time?

Yeah, that’s exactly what the world needs; more clueless paradoxical feminist whores who think prostitution is “empowering,” sucking up precious oxygen from the same atmosphere I breathe from, while wildly overrating their own hotness. I don’t know if I would as far to say she was ugly…but I would not find it totally inappropriate to venture that Sac State probably has some highly affordable tuition payment plans.

Wow, I am hateful today. Thank God my girlfriend doesn’t know about this site.

Tomorrow’s agenda: the gays and the Chinese!

Fuckin’ whore.



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