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Whoo! I just literally, this minute, won a new 1 TB external hard drive on eBay at a very reasonable price. A terabyte! A whole terabyte! I don’t even know what the fuck a terabyte is! It’s like a number that’s beyond my current understanding – it might as well be like a bajillion bytes, I couldn’t tell the difference anyway. I have to admit…it was a pretty nerve wracking experience refreshing the item page, watching the seconds tick down. I’m generally not accustomed to that much stress before lunch time. But now that I finally have somewhere to store (most of) my current MBP hoard, I’m breathing easier. And now that I’ve made the obligatory Malaysian bear porn joke here, we can move on to some links.

Pac-Man furniture. This one’s for you, Jess. The post misspells it as “Packman” though, which is an ignorant mistake I find just as offensive as the spelling of “Spiderman” or when people don’t capitalize “WAMBAG” – you know who you are, assholes!

– Also for Jess and continuing our current tagboard discussion thread, (Milk co-star) James Franco on Zac Efron.

Ahnuld sighting! In the next Batman movie! I have given you a misleading headline!

– Remember Emu’s crazy statistics project on Magic for math class back in Berczy? Somehow that clever bastard rigged up a way to play Magic every day in math class guilt free, and even got himself a perfect grade out of it afterward. Still stands as one of the greatest accomplishments by a single human being that I have ever had the pleasure of personally witnessing. Anyway, I think having the University of New Mexico fund your visits to a strip club would be the adult equivalent to a Magic math project. All in the glorious name of Science.

– Please don’t jump to any conclusions about me after my last post because of this article. I remain very insistent on my standing assertion that I am – still, now, always, and forever – not a woman.

– Found a set of weird Funny or Die videos by various, real life baseball players. Monobrow stars a number of Cubs (DeRosa, Theriot, and Dempster at the table, Soto on the couch, and Fontenot in the lobby in case you’re interested) and Thunderbolt further solidifies Nick Swisher as one of my favourite players (though a .219/.332/.410 line this year was Blue-Jays-esque). I find that usually the inherent humour in watching professional athletes make an ass of themselves off the field is sufficient for these things, but these aren’t actually that bad. Yeah, I laughed at the puppy line. You want to make something of it?

“‘Thunderbolt?’ There’s no such thing as a bolt of thunder.”
“In my dreams there are.”



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