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More links, because we love them so much.

– Apparently ever since smoking was banned in federal US prisons, cans of mackerel have become the new form of prison currency. This Wall Street Journal article does a great job filling in the details. Mackerel? Really? Well…the more you know, I guess.

– The AFP (the Associated Press, but for the French) mistook a picture of an SNL skit with Tina Fey as an official one of Sarah Palin in an article that was published around the world. Apparently none of their publishing newspaper partners picked up on the mistake either. (You’ll find the actual clip of the skit at the bottom of the article.) There’s nothing I need to say about Tina Fey that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseam already here in this space, so I’ll just leave it at that.

– I’m having trouble deciding whether the first sentence of this article is funnier or if the headline is. It’s really just an issue of how much you want to yield to the reader’s imagination and what level of detail or simplicity works best. But it’s a fun game to play regardless, because no matter what you decide, you’ve already won because you didn’t stab yourself.

– Two really cool home improvement projects I might take up soon depending on how bored and restless I become over the winter…the invisible book shelf and inverted book shelf. It doesn’t really get any more pretentious hipster white than this.

– I’ve been reading some Journey to Mt. Moriah lately, which is a lot of fun. The comparisons to Perry Bible Fellowship or Truck Bearing Kibble are inevitable, if only due to the fact that there’s so much artistic depth in the strips. But I really think it’s its own strip though, as the humour in Mt. Moriah seems a lot more arbitrary and poignant. A great way to eat like an hour out of your life for whenever you’re bored.

– Went digging through some Funny or Die videos, and I really enjoyed Is my roommate gay? from Good Neighbor. If for no other reason than that absolutely ridiculous voice. “…whaaa!?!” Too good.

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