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Let me just get some links out of the way before I actually write something with original material in it.

– An arrested warrant has been issues for an Indiana man that has been accused of repeatedly biting a 9 year-old boy and casting “spells” on two high school teachers. Guess what race this man is. (Hint: He refers to himself as an “Aryan sorcerer.”) Meanwhile, this Boston man took “his three terrified kids on a high-speed late-night gun battle in an SUV reeking of pot and loaded with a high-powered weapon and an open 12-pack of beer.” Guess his race. (Hint: The mother of the children claims he’s innocent. “He’s a victim. It’s just because he’s a big black man.” That should help narrow it down a bit.) Thank you Internet.

– I have this link filed away in my stash labeled as just “Japanese nonsense.” I think it might work best if I just keep it like that.

– A bit late, but I thought these comments from NLCS Game 4 hero Matt Stairs deserves a click. I just don’t know if he really accomplished what he wanted to with that particular choice of words. Look for him to likely get the start at DH in Game 2 of the World Series against Rays righty James Shields.

– Even though I was already musing about it just three posts ago, I was still considerably surprised to find out that EliteXC had actually gone out of business this past Monday. Not very surprising, however, is the realization that I don’t really care. I can’t see the UFC picking up Kimbo’s contract, so I think this might have been the last we’ve seen of him on legitimate television. Back to hobo street fights on YouTube for him!

– I believe I have found the perfect plot for the next hit romantic-action-comedy sitcom. It will follow the daily misadventures of British and Iraqi employees working in a laundromat…that is really a bomb-making residue detector. Let’s purchase the rights, make it a WAMBAG.COM production, and call it…wait for it, wait for it…”Cycles“. Huh!?! How ’bout that!?!

– You know how we always used to say that some people are just born with a natural video game adaptivity gene? Well…check out the fifth last paragraph of the link I’m about to give you. Because I think scientists have finally isolated this gene for real.

…it explains so much.

More like 9½ SECONDS.



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