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A selection of links, to tide you over this weekend.

With EliteXC going under and the future of American Gladiators in doubt, it looks like it’s going to be slim pickings when it comes to your Gina Carano viewing options in the near future. We’ll always have Craig Ferguson. Gina says that fighting is kind of like sex. Well, duh. Ah, Gina. She’s so bashful and shy…*swoon*. I don’t care if she struggles to make weight, she’ll always be my chubby, little queen.


I think my only problem with using I Don’t Want To Wait in the first episode of Mass Romantic is that the song has been used in satirical situations ad nauseaum. Exhibit A. Then again, this was about ten years ago so maybe it is time to bring it back.


Here’s a video of The Spinto Band peforming Later On in the kitchen. I found this video with no help from anyone at all. I’m just kidding. Happy Birthday, Sue!


For anyone who wasn’t aware of this yet, Nathan Fillion is…Nailing Your Wife. Better late than never, I suppose.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen the Derrick Comedy movie trailer yet, shame on you. I know I was probably the last one to get on this, but I feel like this website exists solely to preserve these things.


Annia was telling me that she is obsessed with the Andy Samberg/Mark Wahlberg bits on SNL (look them up yo’ damn self). Well, I’m obsessed with MacGruber. I don’t care if everyone (“everyone” meaning Annia and my mother, the ultimate authorities on pop culture) hates these sketches. The guy’s a friggin’ genius, MACGRUBER!

Also found on Hilarious.net, this is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve seen in a while. It helps if you’ve listened to a lot of rap battles. Otherwise, it pretty much sums up every rap battle ever done.


Last, but certainly not least, I give you Patton Oswalt at Blizzcon. Go to the end of the pics for the audio. I warn you, this whole set is about 45 minutes long, so I recommend downloading it first and then saving it for a rainy day. Unless you’re like me and have absolutely no life whatsoever, then by all means listen and laugh away.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a brief summary of my argument. You, sir, are a weak, timid and untrustworthy homosexual. The city in which you live is not nearly as difficult to live in, nor is it in such a high state of disrepair as mine. I am a superior monologist in this debate and any claim to the contrary will result in physical violence and perhaps even death.



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