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A lot of people don’t know this about The WAMBAG, but everything we do here is based around one simple principle; the timeless gift of giving. Because when you give to others…you give to yourself.

The collection below is a set of links that others have been kind enough…to give to me.

– From Jess: Chuck Taylor All-Stars…made of LEGO. Also, this is Han Solo in carbonite…in LEGO.

– From Max (who could just post this shit up himself but is way too busy at his fulltime job of being a faggot): Triceracopter! There was a clever dinosaur related joke I thought up that would have been great to put here, but I wrote it on a napkin that I lost and now I can’t remember it again. Oh well. By the way, avoid that Stegowagenvolkssaurus video on the side of the page – it’s so shaky it makes Cloverfield look like a still life watercolour painting in comparison. I threw up three times in the first four seconds. In retrospect, they were probably the worst four seconds I’ve ever experienced in my life.

– From my brother: Rich Astley himself “RickRolls” the Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The gag is absolutely prehistoric by internet standards now, but I’ll take any excuse to hear the song again, because it is pimp as hell. We’re no strangers to love…holy shit that is a hot track. Also, the joy of seeing Rick Astley himself submit to the fad and seeing that uncomfortable yes-I’m-getting-paid-and-I’m-famous-again-but-at-what-cost? look on his face is absolutely fantastic.

And now time for my own links, which are superior in quality in every way.

Dare you not to laugh. You can’t do it, can you? I just imagine the whole thing in that hilarious Batman voice, which really makes anything funny. Like Batman vs. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Next item on our shopping list should be a Batman costume. (…after we buy a Triceracopter.)

Whose Line Is It Anyway? bloopers. There’s six parts in total, I trust you to find them yourselves. I was kind of surprised at just how many crude and offensive bits they throw away…although I don’t know why. Other observations: Ryan Stiles is a huge asshole, Hoedowns are KILLERS, and Colin Mochrie cannot be fazed. A quick warning: these are extremely addictive, an hour of your life will just completely vanish once you click on that link.

– Finally, to follow in the original spirit of this post…my gift to Sheep. I’m fairly certain you can dig out a genius pick-up line somewhere in this amusing article. That, or it’s inspiration for a new crazy sex trick.

“What are you doing with that scalpel?”
“Don’t worry baby, this’ll blow your mind.”

The wonders of modern science never cease to amaze me.

…this guy’s some kind of Asian Black Lightning.



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