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Yes, everyone’s talking about the acoustic cover of Hey Ya and blah blah blah…but what about this spoken word “cover” of Stay? I don’t know exactly what it is, but I just can’t help finding never ending delight in it right now. Just the cut at the end with the song and the credits…absolutely wrecks me.

This prompts me to modify our original idea of filming a cold reading of the A Few Good Men script. How about instead of that…we transcribe it to song?

I want our best men on this, working ’round the clock!

Good Lord, it is beautiful outside. I took a brief walk around the block today at lunch, unnerved at how gloriously blue the sky was…it’s so nice today that it made me drool – I was salivating at the thought of metaphysically devouring the very weather itself. Blinded by the radiant sunshine, I grew ignorant to the actual physical limitations of human feeding. And it’s juuust windy and cold enough to remind you that we’re just coming out of winter as well, gives the day that extra little punch that distinguishes it from just any other regular July afternoon. It places the day in context, and it becomes even sweeter in turn when compared to the cold and dreary winter days that preceded…it has been given texture.

Sleeves rolled up, jacket back in the office, sunshine upon my face…I wished for nothing else than to feel the snap of a softball coming off my bat in a perfect frozen rope line drive to right field.

I watched Roy Halladay strike out the side with two on in the 6th inning last night, foiling Casilla’s weak attempt to bunt, Morneau with an absolutely filthy low curve -> high heat combo, and then Jason Kubel swinging on three straight inside cutters. I have never loved another Toronto sports figure as much as I love Roy Halladay right now. The exchange between Jamie Campbell and Pat Tabler was enjoyable as well, after Doc had already gotten Kubel to chase two straight pitches.

Jamie Campbell: You think he’s going to go outside this time?
Pat Tabler: No, I wouldn’t even waste a – *BOOM, STRIKEOUT CITY*

The Jays have the best record in the American League right now…I’m enjoying it as much as I can while I’m still able.

I’m not going to lie…April has been a pretty good month for me so far.

Y’all don’t want me here you just wanna dance



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